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Our Ayurvedic Services

We offer a variety of services for individuals looking to elevate their health and well-being to the next level. We recommend you first undergo an Ayurvedic Consultation to help us understand your body’s unique constitution.

Healing Your Life

Study with Samantha in this six week series and learn how to bring the the ancient teaching of Ayurveda into your life. These fun and interactive classes will help you gain valuable tools around disease prevention and longevity.

In the series you will learn:

  • The basic foundations of Ayurveda
  • Your dosha, your unique genetic health code
  • The cause of disease, according to Ayurveda
  • Healing through the 5 senses: Touch- Smell- Sight- Taste- Sound
  • Healing routines: Meditation – Pranayama – and more!

Date:  Saturday February 17 – March 31 *(No Class 3/3)*

Time: 1pm – 3pm

Cost: $150 (Includes all materials + self-care kit)

Where:  Bend Yoga Studio (1935 Hayes St. San Francisco, CA 94117)

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Seasonal Cleanses

Spring and Fall are the ideal times to reset the system according to Ayurveda. Every year we have 2 cleanses offered in a group setting.

We will offer 12 people (maximum) each Fall/Spring a physical, mental and food cleanse. There will be an online community set up for the participants and we will help support each other and answer questions that arise throughout the process.

We’ll begin each day with a daily affirmation and journaling exercise to help shed the physical as well as the mental ama, or undigested toxic residues, that accumulated throughout the year. As a group we have a daily check-in every evening to discuss and answer any questions arising during this process, followed by the next day’s exercises which will include journaling, meditation, and gentle yoga asanas.

Cooking Classes

Learn and participate in making a seasonal vegetarian meal in a friendly atmosphere. The cooking class will cover a three course meal (appetizer, entree and dessert) as well as a seasonal mocktail or tea. 

In this class you’ll learn the basics of Ayurvedic cooking, which spices to use for your dosha, which tastes (rasa) is best for the current season, as well as fun life hacks in the kitchen to make this style of cooking easily accessible to you after you leave.

This 3 hour event will take place once a season. If you’d like to reserve a space in an upcoming class please contact us

Event Catering

We offer organic vegetarian food that is based on the seasonal diet according to Ayurveda and can always cater for specific food allergies. We have catered for yoga retreats, teacher trainings, corporate events, and festivals.

We are based out of San Francisco, however we are happy to travel (for an additional cost) to cater for your event. 

Catering is typically $15-$25 a plate, but please request more information for an estimate. 

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