Abhyanga Massage

Warm herbal oils are applied to the body to nourish the skin while removing toxins from the deeper tissues of the body. This rhythmic lymphatic massage helps reduce stress, increases circulation, and assists in clearing the channels of the body where prana (life force) circulates. Sessions 90 minutes long and $145

Abhyanga Healing Package
(3) Sessions for $400

Marma Therapy

A marma point is a junction where two or more types of tissue meet. There are 107 main marma points on the body. Marma’s are seen as portals into the subtle body. Because multiple junctions of physical tissue and subtle energy channels merge at these points they are naturally more sensitive. The traditional indian martial art, Kalaripayattu, is based on striking marma points with great force to cause pain, injury, and even death (i.e. the temples).

We use a gentle approach around marma’s in order to promote healing. Sessions start with therapeutic massage then specific essential oils are applied and worked into each marma point in need. After, we end sessions with energetic work to restore the natural flow of energy through the marma and the area around it.

These therapeutic sessions are ideal for those working with chronic pain and other conditions caused by stress.  Sessions are 60 minutes long and $85 

Marma Therapy + Pranic Healing Package
(3) Sessions for $235

Therapeutic Massage

Custom therapeutic bodywork is available. Multiple modalities can be integrated into session according to your need: Deep Tissue, Thai Massage, Swedish, Trigger Point Therapy, Prenatal, Postnatal, Reflexology, and Reiki.

60min – $85
75min – $100
90min – $120
120min – $160

(5) 90min sessions – $550
(5) 120min sessions – $750

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