Meet Samantha

Samantha started her journey to health and wellness in 2008 on her college campus where she found yoga. The physical and philosophical practices of yoga and meditation changed her life and inspired her to become a practitioner of the healing arts. After graduating, she traveled to India and Thailand to spend time furthering her studies in yoga, philosophy, and bodywork. She is a certified Kripalu yoga instructor, a licensed massage therapist, and an Ayurvedic health counselor. Since 2011, she has resided in San Francisco and built a private practice where she continues developing her intuitive approach to healing. Currently she studies at the California College of Ayurveda and hopes to complete their Ayurvedic Doctor program.

Prominate teachers include: Marty Morales, Eric Rubin DOC, Harvey Deutch PT, Leah Kennedy, Dot Po, Sin Chai, Ralf Marzen, Brahmani Liebman, Jashoda Edmunds, Mary Alice- Quinn, Dr. Rammohan Rao, Dr. Marc Halpern, and His Holiness Radhanath Swami

Meet Hari

Hari is a chef and healer who started his journey into health and wellness at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine where he got a Master’s of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Hari began cooking at Govinda Vegetarian Cuisine in Chicago and later he became a chef at Krishna Kitchen. He specializes in vegetarian and vegan friendly meals and has catered events and festivals such as Bhakti Fest, Beloved, and Burning Man serving three meals a day for over 300 attendees.

After receiving his yoga teaching certification at Moksha Yoga in Chicago, he was inspired to travel the world and deepen his knowledge of bodywork. He spent an extensive amount of time in Thailand studying the art of Thai Massage and after years of living abroad, he settled in the Bay Area where he continues practicing bodywork, cooking, and martial arts.

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